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SEO in 2023 Goes Far Beyond Just Keywords

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How We Deliver SEO Strategies that Grow Your B2B Brand


First, we do a comprehensive SEO audit that evaluates the state of your onsite and offsite SEO and finds areas for improvement. This audit also looks at your competitors and unveils any gaps in your industry.


We put together an actionable plan to help you connect with your prospective audience, become an authority in the space, and reach more users in your target market.


We will execute our suggestions by enhancing your website, generating engaging content, keeping a pulse on the competitive landscape, and building your brand authority.


We analyze, evaluate, and make changes by dialing in on what’s working and changing what isn’t

Scale Your Website Through Organic Search

Data-Driven Recommendations

We create SEO strategies that are driven by data and reassess progress frequently to make changes if needed. 

Content That Resonates

With our SEO-driven content, you can continuously create high-quality content for your website that can help increase page rank, keep users engaged, and bring more traffic to your website.

More Brand Authority

Our creative SEO services will gain you more website authority by employing an innovative and offsite approach to generating more PR attention and backlinks. 

Performance-Based Pricing for SEO for B2B Brands


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How much ad spend is needed to be successful?

No ad spend is needed for SEO, but a lot of time and resources is needed in order to rank on top of the search engine for your B2B brand. 

How long does it take to see results?

A successful B2B sales strategy takes time and especially for SEO. From experience, it takes at least 1-2 quarters before getting indexed and rank high on the SERP and to see tangible results.

Do you have a minimum contract?

No. However, a paid B2B acquisition strategy takes time to see results, especially from SEO and organic traffic, so we recommend our clients stay on for at least 6 months.

What does my SEO & Content Strategist do?

Your SEO & Content Strategist looks over ranking to find ways to optimize your keywords and serves as a resource for you. They’ll help implement new SEO & Content strategies and test new ways for growth.

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From 4x to 17x ROAS in 12 months

We have worked with ROAS Growth Labs for over a year now and we’re really happy with the results. Lately, we are seeing a ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) of 17x from non-branded keywords on Google Ads and we are now looking to use them across other paid channels.


CEO @ eclincher

Group M White Label Partner

ROAS Growth Labs has been working with GroupM for a couple of years and we are extremely delighted and satisfied with his work. He is efficient and hard-working. With Petter’s work, we have been able to achieve great results and exceeded the client’s expectations and KPIs. Petter has been involved with national as well as international clients and from his well-structured work and a real passion for digital marketing, GroupM and our clients are very happy with the results and performance.


Paid Search Lead, GroupM

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