We run Microsoft Ads campaigns that predictably convert site visitors into paying customers.

Stop wasting money on agencies who neglect your account and a website that doesn’t convert. Use Microsoft & Google search ads to capture high-intent, qualified traffic from the thousands of people searching for your services every month.

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We help businesses grow using Microsoft Ads

Why Microsoft Ad campaigns underferform

We’ve audited hundreds of ad accounts and found that these 4 most common mistakes are why they are not seeing great performance from Microsoft Ads.

Bad account structure

Cut keywords and hidden search terms that signal low-intent or unqualified searches. Then, we apply proven campaign organization to ensure Ad Groups, bids and copy maximize results.

Lazy Account Management

Most agencies overcharge, set campaigns up and hardly touch them after.

Poor landing pages

Microsoft Ads drive traffic, landing pages drive conversions. If your website/landing page doesn’t match search intent or if it’s confusing, people will leave and you’ll waste all your ad spend.

Expensive fees

We constantly optimize ad copy, headlines, keywords and ad groups by proactively cutting and replacing underperforming ad groups and keywords, while diving into advanced data points like impression share, device and geo.

How our Microsoft Ads process works

Fully done-for-you service that will launch your campaign within 10 days of onboarding.

Keyword research, audit & campaign setup

Just fill out a short questionnaire and we’ll begin research and campaign setup.

Ad copy & landing page creation

We’ll show you all the ads, campaign structure and landing page for your approval.

Conversion tracking and reporting

We’ll setup conversion tracking and a custom and transparent metrics dashboard.

Optimize daily & drive leads

We proactively and consistently optimize your account to hit your goals.

More Case Studies , More proof

The 4 pillars of great Microsoft Ads strategy

We constantly adapt strategies for Microsoft algorithm and your competition, while applying proven principles that save you from wasting spend.

Search Terms and Ad Copy

We do extensive upfront keyword research to isolate only the most relevant, cost-efficient bottom of funnel terms. Then we write ad headlines and descriptions that drive high click-through-rates.

Advanced Campaign Structure

First, we organize campaigns, ad groups and keywords using our proven structure, then we get advanced and optimize bidding strategy, impression share, SKAGs, negatives, geo, device and much more.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages should match what people expect after clicking on your ad, and shouldn’t include much else. For example, we hide your menu in landing pages and make your hero text extremely clear.

Results Tracking

You get a transparent dashboard to see the most important metrics, such as total spend, cost per click, number of con

Pricing For Microsoft Ads Management

You’ll pay Microsoft directly for ad spend (per click) and then pay ROAS Growth Labs on a monthly retainer and/or based on performance.



‍‍$1000 – $5K



‍‍$5K – $10K





Who are Microsoft Ads best for?

Microsoft  PPC is best for:

  1. Established businesses already making consistent sales with a strong offer. If you’re not making over $10K/month in sales, you should use free marketing efforts to achieve product-market fit before scaling with PPC.
  2. Businesses that can spend at least $1,000/month in Ad spend. Anything under $1,000/month will be too slow to get meaningful data and drive a meaningful volume of conversions.
  3. Businesses that can commit to at least 3 months.The launch phase of a campaign is the most important as we find the keywords that are converting and optimize the campaigns.
How does my Google Ad Account work and how do I share access?

All we need is your 10 Google account ID, so we can request access. If you don’t have a Google Ad Account, set one up here. We manage all your ads inside your Google Ads Account, which you own and can access anytime. We’ll also show you how to navigate your Google Ads account.

How much do I need to be involved?

We’re fully done for you, so we don’t need much from you beyond our onboarding form and initial feedback on keywords and ad copy. However, businesses that actively communicate with us perform better. For example, your feedback on conversions, lead quality and overall expectations are valuable. Furthermore, the more you hone your offer and the more marketing assets you create, the better campaigns perform.

Who sets up our campaigns?

All strategy and campaign iterations are managed by our in-house, US & UK-based PPC team. Our production team is responsible for campaign setup. They’re a network of highly vetted, trained, and trusted team members who work around the clock and are worldwide. That’s how we keep our prices low and allow for quick campaign setups. We handle everything from keyword, competitor, and offer research to retargeting campaigns. In the initial questionnaire, we ask a series of questions to better understand your business, so we know what to look.

Will I receive reports?

Yes, for 100% transparency, you’ll get a custom dashboard that you can access 24/7 to check the performance of your campaigns. Secondly, you’ll receive weekly updates from your campaign manager.

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From 4x to 17x ROAS in 12 months

We have worked with ROAS Growth Labs for over a year now and we’re really happy with the results. Lately, we are seeing a ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) of 17x from non-branded keywords on Google Ads and we are now looking to use them across other paid channels.


CEO @ eclincher

GroupM's Whitelabel Partner

ROAS Growth Labs has been working with GroupM for a couple of years and we are extremely delighted and satisfied with his work. He is efficient and hard-working. With Petter’s work, we have been able to achieve great results and exceeded the client’s expectations and KPIs. Petter has been involved with national as well as international clients and from his well-structured work and a real passion for digital marketing, GroupM and our clients are very happy with the results and performance.


Paid Search Lead, GroupM

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