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Growth Framework

Once we know the strategy, goal and KPIs, and have an understanding of the ICP and our budgets, we then decide that LinkedIn Ads are the right channel to grow leads.

Understanding the high-level strategy

Goal and KPIs

Ideal Client Profile

  1. Company Size
  2. Company Industry
  3. Titles
  4. Interest



We then come up with a plan for the quarter.
Depending on your
B2B company goals & KPIs, we will use a sales-led approach (ie. drive demos) or self-serve approach (ie. drive trials) —
or hybrid (ie. drive demos and form submits).

Month 1-2

If you’re a B2B company and have never run LinkedIn Ads, we will use the first 1-2 months our focus will be to build brand awareness and show our brand to relevant stakeholders and decision-makers within the relevant industries, companies and roles.

Month 2-3

We have now been running ads on LinkedIn for a couple of months and our relevant audiences have seen our ads multiple times. We now change our messaging from top-level brand to focus more on the main pain points of the ideal clients and how your company are solving them.

Month 3+

In month 3+ its when we will see our performance from LinkedIn really take off. Leads are coming in, so we will now use time to optimize the traffic, ad formats, creatives and copy.


After three months we will have a good understanding of the traffic, and what industries, companies and roles interact with our creatives.

Ad Formats

Within the three months mark, you will understand which ad formats work best for our ICP.


Next, you will need to review the creatives we have run. Which one works best in terms of vanity metrics such as click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click. Once having an understanding of that, you will need to check what creatives generate the most leads and the lowest/highest cost per lead.


With over 3 months of data you have a good amount of data on what creatives works better. Are we seeing better performance with longer or shorter copies. Text versus bullet points. Softer CTAs versus stronger CTAs.


We recommend changing our creatives every quarter and change our goals every quarter depending on the business goals and our ICP. Based on the goal and KPIs, you would need to change targeting, ad formats, creatives and copy.

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Our LinkedIn Ads Process

Our LinkedIn Ads consist of a 10 step process

1. Complete Purchase

2. Email Intake Form To You

3. Complete Intake Form

4. Account Manager Introduction

5. Access to Ad Platform

6. Approve Strategy & Ads

7. Launch

8. Campaign Optimization

9. Monthly Reports

10. Testing, Testing, Testing

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