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Why Most B2B Brands Do Not Succeed With Display

How we execute high performing Display Ads

Step 1: Identify your ideal customer

First, we'll learn about your business, best clients, and campaign goals to segment your target audiences for better personalization.

Step 2: Hook Finding & Lead Magnet

Finding the right hook for your business.

Step 3: Lead Magnet & Landing Page

Once we know the hook and your ICP, we will then work on the lead magnet and landing page with you.

Step 4: Banner Creation

We will create new banner ads based on your ICP, USPs and Lead Magnet.

Step 5: Targeting & Conversion Tracking

Once the ads are set up we will set up tracking to make sure we can see the performance from the campaign and ad. Once that is set up, we set up the campaign structure with our new ad and select the right targeting for adverts.

Step 6: Launch the Display Ads

We are now ready to go live. Yay!

Step 7: Optimize to scale your results

Based on the data that comes in, we will analyse the data and optimze based on the data at hand.

Step 8: Scale

We now know what’s working and what does not, so we will do more of what’s working and less of what’s not working.

Performance-Based Pricing for Display Advertising


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Pay Per Lead & Rev. Share

‍‍$500 – $2,5K


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Pay Per Lead & Rev. Share

‍‍$2,5K – $5K


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Pay Per Lead & Rev. Share



How much ad spend is needed to be successful?

We are recommending clients spending at least $500 on Display Ads per month, to see results with display advertising. Anything beyond $500/mo depends on your target buyer personas, target market and your marketing budget.

How long does it take to see results?

A successful B2B sales strategy takes time and running Display paid ads is no exception. From experience, it takes at least 2 months to see tangible results.

Do you have a minimum contract?

No. However, a paid B2B acquisition strategy takes time to see results, so we recommend our clients stay on for at least 3 months.

What does my Display Ads Strategist do?

Your Display Ads Strategist looks over your ads account to find ways to optimize your campaign and serves as a resource for you. They’ll help implement new strategies, test new creatives, and advise on strategies to get the most out of your ad budget.

How often do you A/B test?

Generally, we perform 2-3x tests (copy, creative, offers, targeting, ad types) a month depending on performance, conversion goals, and budget. We don’t test for the sake of changing things up, but use data to make informed decisions.

Our Testimonials

From 4x to 17x ROAS in 12 months

We have worked with ROAS Growth Labs for over a year now and we’re really happy with the results. Lately, we are seeing a ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) of 17x from non-branded keywords on Google Ads and we are now looking to use them across other paid channels.


CEO @ eclincher

Group M's White Label Partner

ROAS Growth Labs has been working with GroupM for a couple of years and we are extremely delighted and satisfied with his work. He is efficient and hard-working. With Petter’s work, we have been able to achieve great results and exceeded the client’s expectations and KPIs. Petter has been involved with national as well as international clients and from his well-structured work and a real passion for digital marketing, GroupM and our clients are very happy with the results and performance.


Paid Search Lead, GroupM

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