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B2B Campaign Agency uses data from thousands of outbound email campaigns to send proven, hyper personalized cold emails to your dream clients — generating you meeting-ready-leads. Sit back and wait until we get you meetings.

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How we use cold email campaigns to fill calendars & drive revenue for clients

We leverage high performing data from executing thousands of successful B2B campaigns in every industry to target & engage your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel.

Step 1: Build Ideal List

We build targeted and qualified email lists of your ideal prospects

Step 2: Write Emails Sequences

‍‍Write clear and hyper personalized cold emails that actually get responses

Step 3: Execute Outreach

Send custom messages to thousands of your ideal clients every month

Step 4: Meeting Booked

We get meetings booked with relevant decision makers in your ideal niche.

Step 5: Close Deal

Once we book the meeting, it is your responsibility to turn a meeting to an actual client. Don't worry, we are providing you with high quality meetings; we are seeing above average conversion rate from meeting booked and close deal for our clients.

10X your meetings from cold email outreach without having to lift a finger

The power of a dedicated cold email expert at an affordable cost. Our job is create and implement a cold email outreach system that generates you more sales from hard to reach prospects.

Email List Building

A/B Testing Email

Hyper Personalized

Validated Emails

Get the top 1% of email lead generation experts in your niche that drive results

Creating an effective cold email outreach strategy takes continuous optimization. Let our cold email experts help so you can close more deals.

Hyper-personalized cold email outreach that drives meetings with your dream clients

Turn cold email outreach into a lead converting sales machine. Our simple to use features combined with our done-for-you services will enable you to generate and close deals faster.

Email Targeting & List Building

This is where we help you clearly define your target audience & break it up into specific personas. After that we brainstorm relevant messaging per persona. As we are doing this our team will start setting up your email infrastructure based off your requirements.

Scale Email Hyper-Personalization

One size doesn’t fit all and without personalization, your emails will look like nothing but SPAM. We generate hundreds of hyper-personalized first-line ice breakers to make your emails incredibly unique and effective.

A/B Testing & Experimentation

Once messaging and the audience is decided we begin experimenting. To do this we launch ‘micro’ campaigns and review the results in a qualitative manner. The goal is to identify with data the messaging copy that resonates with the respective audience and persona.

Email Drip Campaign Optimization

We optimize and measure for one metric, prospects that are interested in a conversation. This is done by frequently reviewing a campaigns performance to understand why we got these specific results and digest valuable insights.

Pay Per Meeting-Ready-Lead

Month-to-month, no contracts. Book a call to learn more.


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Pay Per Meeting-Ready-Lead

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From 4x to 17x ROAS in 12 months

We have worked with B2B Campaign Agency for over a year now and we’re really happy with the results. Lately, we are seeing a ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) of 17x from non-branded keywords on Google Ads and we are now looking to use them across other paid channels.


CEO @ eclincher

Group M White Label Partner

B2B Campaign Agency has been working with GroupM for a couple of years and we are extremely delighted and satisfied with his work. He is efficient and hard-working. With Petter’s work we have been able to achieve great results and exceeded the clients’ expectations and KPI’s. Petter has been involved with national as well as international clients and from his well-structured work and real passion for digital marketing, GroupM and our clients are very happy with the results and performance.


Paid Search Lead, GroupM

Turn Cold Email Outreach Into A Revenue Machine